Artwork by Shintato Kago


Lamb lamb love, gonna hit some pam ! pam !
All we need is get some of it, need to get drunk
I'm here to say hello, watch above & below
Guns under pillows never helped just call you mama
We'll drink all of it don't need a plumber
We're gonna empty it just like a vampire
Lovely lambs, gonna eat ya yum yum
Chew you like a gum gum
Drink your blood like a soda

I'm here to build up an empire
Cause I'm a vampire
You'd better hide in a bunker
Gonna cook you with pepper and lime
Watch out for my jawline
Gonna need to be filled up
And if you run I will walk we will always find ya
And if you climb up walls I can always reach ya
I'm here to build up an empire
Cause I'm a vampire
Cause I'm a vampire

You, you'll find your place in it
Got a huge stomach
It'll be warm and sweet
Lime & coconut
Is it an exodus?
You can't escape from us
Get used to this
Got a new terminus
Call your grandmama
And all the friends you got
I'm the new Dracula
We need a hangover
I'm gonna fill this cup
With some of your ketchup
We gonna drink it up
Until the final drop


henna henna, sansa sansa, comi itchi comi itchi, henda henda !