Artwork by Fafi


Heat comes with the leaves growing
Her lips point to the ticking ticking noise
It froze my heart cause fall's back
You just reached the half
It's ticking loud
Hey on this lane, you are fixed, chained
But you get far like a twinkle little star
It's burning my heart cause the sun's back
Baby you can wear my hat
It's ticking loud

Another day, got a lot of time to waste, she's on top
Maybe more than she can carry
Like a million of berries
At this age filled her cup and she will savor every drop
Cause she knows it's 'bout time to fade
Chicks fall when the wind blows
And she cheats, closes her eyes but she knows
It froze my heart cause the fall is back
Like a bitter saudade
It's ticking loud
Put a sugar in her tea it's fine
Thats sends a shiver to her hair and spine
She gonna walk in the shade, walk in the shade
she knows she gonna fade
she knows she gonna fade

Eat in morning and dine
Cutie to a shishidan
She gotta walk on the line
Through the days, through the time
Hiding up in my mind
Balky balky am I blind?
I'm hoping I'll be fine
Itchy itchy in my mind